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Welcome to Praktijkweb of HAN University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to this HAN - website for internships/placements and graduation assignments in the Netherlands

As a HAN student of the Faculties of Economics and Management (FEM) or the Institute of Applied Sciences (HLO) , Engineering or Built Environment you can look here for an internship or graduation assignment in the Netherlands.

As a student you receive an email notification if you are eligible for your placement/graduation assignment. For students therefore using the button 'registration' is not applicable. On HAN-Insite you will find all the information for your senior-year assignments. This Powerpoint gives a brief introduction:
Meet Praktijkweb

As work practice relation you can offer your traineeship assignments and graduation assignments here. International projects need to be emailed to the coordinator of each study stream.  As work practice relation you can offer Dutch placements for the period from Februari 2010 for the courses listed on the left side of the screen.
If you are a registered work practice relation, you select "login." If you are a new business relation for the HAN University and are using Praktijkweb for the first time, you need to register first. Using this Praktijkweb Guide for clients ; you will get a PowerPoint presentation explaining the registration, log, and placement services (This takes 4 minutes).

We expect you quickly find your way on this website. If you notice imperfections, please let us know. So far HANPraktijkweb has been found a useful tool for students to find a practical assignment and for companies to place their assignments. In case of problems or questions about this website, use this This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to response by e-mail

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